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About This Abundance


It all started when...

Truthfully, it's difficult to pinpoint when 'this-all' began. The creation of This Abundance and our Abundance Farm has been a simmering on the stove top, slow grown, small steps sort of thing. This is the blog space for images and stories that give voice to God breathed stories. My words aren't meant for me alone and I hope they're meant for some part of you. 

For years I've listened to God teaching me to walk a little more slowly, listen more willingly, and see more openly what lies within the ordinary. What can a field say to us? What is the beautiful-holy in leaf barren trees, small seeds, or the crackle of fresh baked bread? I'm drawn to God's abundance in the least of these.



I'm Amanda, the writer and event planner of our farm. I am a spiritual director and love weaving this practice into every element of my life. I love photography, and every once in a while do shoots on the side for friends and loved ones, but mostly I love capturing images of our simple stories here on the farm. I write because I love it and it gives me fresh and deepened perspective. I'm also in seminary as a spiritual director to be.

I could never do any of this alone. My husband is my best friend and greatest parter in every avenue. All things not written or photographed are his handiwork. Together we've sketched on napkins and backs of old homework assignments for years: dreams of gardens, of farms, of porches with swings, of a barn with space to host and room to share. He also keeps bees. That is not my department even one.

I can't forget our little farmers who are the biggest and best part of our lives. We have eight children and their stories are pretty beautiful. I like telling people I have eight children, and watching their responses. I homeschool them, and they put love and light in every corner of our home and land. They teach us what welcoming friend and stranger looks like.

Finally, there's you. We knew from the first home we purchased that our rooms, our time, our hearts and now our farm are not meant to be just ours alone. We hope to host more workshops and open events where we get to know the soil and learn together the importance of finding much in less. Abundance in simple places.

We want you to come here and know deep peace. Deep roots. This is abundance.