Salt 101

What comes to mind when one thinks of salt? Undoubtably, pictures of silver topped shakers sitting filled with fine white crystals, or even a navy blue cylinder complete with an umbrella wielding, yellow jacket wearing Morton's girl. While salt as a substance could conjure any number of images it is the chemistry of salt that I am most interested in. No, this is not a blog on using salts and spices to add pizzaz to your favorite dish. Nor is it a study of the fundamental properties of salt. Rather, think of this as a lens of sorts, using salt as a metaphor to analyze the mundane trappings of life.

Salt adds flavor and zest, salt stings, salt purifies, salt is coarse, it can break things down and separates, it melts ice, it preserves...

And these are the traits that I wish to say of myself, or perhaps want to be more observant of in daily monotony. How can I add zest, get to the heart of matters, cleanse my thoughts and actions, roughen weaknesses, dissolve boundaries and break barriers, thaw hostility, and preserve the treasures I am blessed with everyday?

In other words, how can I make things salty?

It will be a challenge I'm sure, but one I feel most strongly encouraged to take. So feel free to join me in finding or adding a dash here or there.