Challenge Accepted: #write31days



Oh, hey!

You must be or or will be a part of this situation:  A challenge created by home blogger, Myquillyn Smith (of The Nester). I stumbled upon the challenge after a wonderfully inspiring email from Jess over at Naptime Diaries popped into my inbox. The blogger writing challenge was within, and I felt propelled to accept. I'm a writer by nature, at heart, and have lately lacked momentum.

Challenge can often portray as threatening, but in this context it felt like exercising a muscle long overdue. The necessary nurturing encouragement that, while not promising to go easy on me, filled me with promise that comes with crossing the finish line at the end.

Picking a topic came fairly easy, in that my blog has always been structured simply: I write letters. To myself, to family,...maybe even to you. They're called salty letters: here's why. We'll see where this journey takes us. Enjoy, please comment and follow, and most of all consider yourself blessed.


Day One: A Letter to Announce

Day Two: A Letter to A Child Not Yet Mine

Day Three: I yell 

Day Four: I'm Probably A Better Mom than You

Day Five: One Year Older, Husband

Day Six: A Letter Before Your Surgery

Day Seven: Deeper Still

Day Eight: That One Caribou Coffee Customer

Day Nine: A Trade for Adoption

Day Ten: A Marathon Letter to my Pastor

Day Eleven: The Hands of Time

Day Twelve: Practice Adoption

Day Thirteen: I Love Her First Sight

Day Fourteen: From Your Sister Mother

Day Fifteen: To The Wall

Day Sixteen: Mother of My Someday Child

Day Seventeen: To My Current Self

Day Eighteen: A Letter to Younger Me

Day Nineteen: So I Canceled My Daughter's Birthday

Day Twenty: A Letter to Oops

Day Twenty-One: A Letter to Disciples

Day Twenty-Two: Guest Post: A Letter to Infertility

Day Twenty-Three: Dear Savannah: Sermon Writing

Day Twenty-Four: Hope at the Onset: Sermon Part Two

Day Twenty-Five: Extravagant Love

Day Twenty-Six: A Letter to the Adoptive Me

Day Twenty-Seven: Removed

Day Thirty: To Thailand