A Trade for Adoption


Dear Woman I will never know, You'll never know who I am, what I look like, or even that I'm writing you a letter. Wherever you are at this moment, in a time zone nearly opposite mine, you don't even know that my thoughts focus on you. That I have looked at your face and shed tears for your honesty, bravery, and love.



You were part of a documentary, It's A Girl. Living in China as a young woman you face much opposition and condemnation for the choice you've made: To adopt a child.

I'm trying to adopt a child from my home country, too. Freely I am encouraged to pursue children of any ethnic or race background.

In your country, regulation deems only one child conceivable. Two, if a daughter was your misfortune. Your men speak whispers over little ladies' heads: A daughter is a theif. Wasted fortune. 

The pressure mounts. One opportunity to make the perfect child. The perfect boy.

You took your opportunity, and chose adoption. Your heart loved after a child that would forbid pregnancy, because you understand the value of all God's children. And you adopted a daughter. A child, not an infant.

You chose the child no one would choose.

The remarkable testimony to love this sets has transcended geographical boundaries, scorched my heart, inspired our journey. May you and your daughter be richly blessed.

Jesus did this for us. We were the children that no one would choose. His life paid the price to prove our beauty. When they all shout that our worth is nil, He demands to world know our infinite value. Unsurpassable worth.

Thank you for your story,