Hope at the Onset (Sermon Part 2)


(Part Two of my Hope Sermon) I had the great privilege and opportunity to speak at my Church while the men were away at their men's retreat. The first part of writing my sermon took place in Savannah.

Here are some highlights of the second half, below, along with a link to the sermon itself.

Have a good listen!

 Hope isn't the deliverance of happy outcomes. Rather, it's the promise that God will be big enough for whatever the outcome is. 

Our actions follow our attitudes - therefore, it's impossible to love someone based on feelings alone. We need to act out of the love example set by Christ and through this, condition the attitude of our heart. The same is true of faith and hope. Being hopeful produces faith. Feeling hopeful is the reward for obediently trusting God to see you through. 

To maintain any spiritual discipline, you have to Be. In. Relationship with Jesus. Period. Talk to him more. Spend more time with Him. Make time for Hime everyday.