Bus Stop

31daysbanner It's the littlest moments that I garner with deepest affection. I watch them unfold before me and think, 'This. This is one I want to hang on to.' Please, oh eyes and brain, remember this and tuck it away and never lose it's preciousness.


The oldest boy that we are fostering started school today (Monday). He's in middle school, and my heart just tuggs in all the motherly ways as he starts at a brand new school. At least it's early in the year. I tell myself. At least there are other new kids starting this week. But it doesn't actually make it less hard.

As a homeschooling mom, I've been saved that moment I've been reading about - putting your kids on a bus and watching then roll away. Sweet boy asked if I could drive him today, just as I was about to offer. And when I said we'd all wait for him when the bus brought him home - the surprise that registered on his face melted me. "Really? Could you?"

Duh! I want to shout with a smile. What wouldn't we do to love you and show up for you? It's heart-rending when you realize that a gesture so small is actually quite grand. It's also confirmation that we're listening to the Spirit well - that God is giving us the specific, detailed direction day by day.

"Absolutely, bud." I say instead.


We met the bus, and he stepped off to see three of us running toward the stop. The smile that I saw when he looked up...yeah, I'm crying. We showed up. We will keep showing up, kiddo. For as long as this is your home, we promise to be here for you.