Friend with Tears


Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart

We have grown from a family of five to a family of eight. The modern day Brady bunch: Here's a story of a lovely lady (Amanda) and her guy (Josh) and their three bio-babies, and now three brothers whom we are fostering.

Be thou my wisdom and Thou my true word I ever with Thee and Thou with me, Lord

On Sunday we brought the whole troupe to church for the first time. All loaded up in the mini-van, ready for public debut. It went swimmingly. Even the shy, oldest brother made great strides and loved helping me with my weekly tasks. Seeing his head bent in prayer did my heart good.

Thou my great Father, I, Thy true one Thou in me dwelling and I with Thee one

We sang 'Be thou my Vision'. So many lines struck me in just the right places. Connecting with the Holy Spirit as I tried to sift through the contents of the week while worshiping. And I felt, deeply, that which I already knew: He sees it all. He's thick in this with us.

Thou mine inheritance now and always

After service I spoke with a friend about this new blend of family. She, one of my dearest treasures, stood listening and as I recapped our week. I noticed her face grow softer, her eyes gradually more glossy, and her mouth pressed and slightly trembly.

So I paused. "I can see that you're getting teary." I say. And that allows for her tears to freely fall.

A sob escapes, "I just can't...." She trails off, shaking her head and pressed her hand to her lips. And then after a moment, "I'm so. So. Proud of you."

My eyes burned, my throat constricted, and my chest tightened. It's a humble moment to hear these words and feel how much you are loved. We hugged like we have a million times before, but this time we clung to one another because we knew. We knew what words couldn't say. I know what she's feeling and to watch it be echoed in a friend - to witness her feelings of compassion and hear the depth within her strained tones...

She's not the only one. I've heard tears through the phone. Seen them via FaceTime. Read about them through texts, emoji's and emails. Tears shed for this call that God has placed on our hearts to three beautiful boys: joyful, excited, sad, compassionate, overwhelmed...all of them such a powerful witness to the community that loves us.

In the very moment the cry left her lips I felt the immense gift of our people - friends, family, congregation - we couldn't do this without you.  Each step that we take forward in faith is backed by your faith in us. Your belief. Your pride. Your tears. You are our yes in this.

Heart of my own heart whatever befall...

God's given us the gift of His heart in this foster-parent journey. And I know, I know, that whatever befalls we will always pursue his heart for his children.

Still be my vision O ruler of all