Share - Foster Care is Spiritual Warfare

31daysbanner My dear friend Katie posted this blog on her Facebook page the other day. Naturally, given that we're quite suddenly foster parents, I clicked and read. I also highly recommend reading this blogger's insights on marriage during foster care. Great stuff.

Here's the blog. It's tough but it's real and it's good.  

I hadn't considered what we were doing as a way of lining ourselves up on the battle field. In reality, we do this every day. But stepping out in faith, I've heard said, puts a target on our backs. I love what this author says about how we must be alert and praying fervently. For all of God's children.

And the more fragile babes from the foster care system - whose tiny timelines already try to speak a story of decay and deathly patters over their lives - need that God breathed love, protection, and prayer more than ever. 

To all you doers and prayers - it's a good fight worth fighting. Thank you and thank God for His ways of calling us out upon the waters.