You Just Do

"I could never do what you're doing." "I don't know if I could do it."

"You're crazy!"

"That's...amazing. Incredible."

"How are you doing really?"

I don't have a well poised response to these sorts of comments. In some ways they feel like those types of compliments that are awkward to respond to. For those of you who are starting or considering foster care or adoption - I just want to encourage you that you can. 

There are a million specific details I could share of the practical ways we make this work - double carts at Sams Club, multiple planners, many conversations, marking each moment with as much intentionality as possible, asking for groceries and sitters, making familiar routine for all the kids and inviting their routines into ours, vocalizing words of affirmation to everyone, prayer - but the easiest way to explain it is this: you follow a call, move forward, and you just do. 

And you don't stop. If you think you can do it but wonder if you really can. Your love is enough for these kiddos. I'll be quick to encourage you if you need it. Trust. Love. Believe. And in doing so, you impact lives forever. It's a worthy risk.