Faceless. Nameless. Abundance.

Did you know that I have a secret Instagram account? Some of you do, as you've stumbled upon the images I've been tagging and storing as an online album. I started it in preparation for when our adoption is finalized; so that I can add all of our friends and family members - welcoming them into dozens of tiny tiles that show what we've been up to. The beautiful, ordinary things we've been building in the small and big of life. I've since set my account to private, and hidden my story from the eyes of those few that found me, because...because even though I deeply believe that these images that mean the world to me are meant to be seen, I cannot yet share them. For now my children must remain faceless.

I don't believe myself to be a very private person. Yet, this small social-media situation seems microcosmic of the last 15 months of our lives. We have, by extended circumstance, become secluded. Hidden. Private. The extrovert in me aches for a social life I once had. One in which I could smile at a friends' comment on a silly picture of our everyday life. One in which I could speak openly about the combined delight and hardships of parenting. One in which I could speak the names of my children.

We have three sons, and it's a bit mind blowing to realize that outside of our church, and family...no one even knows their names.

We knew there would be loss at the beginning of this journey. We've were warned that some friendships would fade or pass, and they have. Our choice for these six children requires much, and that will never stop.


But, 2017 means our adoption is coming! In this new year we can't wait to un-private our lives and invite you all in. In the meantime, we want you to know of the great things God has been doing in our family.

At the beginning of 2016, God put the word 'holy rhythms' on my heart. We've had lots of rhythms and schedules - but this was the year for carefully choosing what we would give our time to.

We found that we've been able to let go. Let go of timelines, expectations, judgments, limits and fears. I felt the need to create more space for writing and homeschooling. And so, in February I left the partnership of Everbranch Photography in the very capable hands of my friend, Emily.  We spent a spring-summer-fall gardening and raising chickens, and found that we wanted to do more of that simple cultivating thing.

In three week's we'll be moving out of our home. We've purchased 20 rolling, gorgeous acres in the country. There we'll be building a smaller home, with a front porch where we can watch our soon-to-be cows. It's here that we will be cultivating a ministry where we host parties, retreats and events - where we'll have a place for individuals and groups to come reset, reflect, and be still with God.


We'll try our hardest at self-sustainability, which is sure to be laughable...


..and I know we'll look for helpers as we plant a community orchard and invest into the soil some stretches of strawberry plants. We sense that God is creating in this journey an abundance in simplicity (hence the name change of my website).

We hope you'll follow along and subscribe to this blog to keep up to date with this new journey into God's abundance.