8 Seeds for Spring


I wrote on instagram the other day "It's hard to count the little things. Yet, as we wait for spring, this quiet white is full of expectancy." Here in this perpetual Minnesota snow-globe, I'm wondering why the middle of April has me shoveling our driveway and sheltering animals in the heated garage. 

It is true, however, that the warmth of spring will come. I'm trying with determination to help our family trade in the thought patterns that ask 'why this?' for 'what goodness waits, here?' If I can hope anything for our farm, it is that it would be a place where ordinary moments are holy, even if unexpected. Or snowy. In April. 

One of the best ways to build expectancy in Spring is to plant seeds! We love starting seeds indoors, and have done so for years. You don't need fancy tables or equipment. Currently, my office is the makeshift greenhouse. In the past, we've used all sunny window ledges to hold seed pots. It really does do the heart good to watch new life pressing up from the soil. 

I wanted to share with you eight of my go-to seeds for starting in spring. Some of these can even be started sooner. With unpredictable and short warm seasons, I like to choose seeds with the following qualities:

  • Quick to sprout + quick to mature
  • Weather tolerant
  • High yielding
  • Heirloom + Organic
  • Colorful (why have a green bean when you can have purple?)
  1. All Blue Potato - Okay, so you can't exactly start this one inside (you can, email me if you want some creative details). But, you can start them as soon as your soil is workable in the spring! Harvest early for small potatoes. Great for baking and frying and colored chips!
  2. Tango Lettuce - Tender, tangy, great texture. High in vitamins. My go to salad lettuce.
  3. Alfalfa Sprouts - I just rediscovered sprouts in our kitchen. Grab a mason jar, soak, rinse and drain daily until sprouted. So good to add into salads, on wraps, in sandwiches. Our kids call them tickly sprouts. 
  4. Chervena Chushka - I LOVE these peppers. They're not hot, but more of a sweet and richly flavored bell pepper. We roast these in the fall, and I'm looking forward to canning them these years. 
  5. Bloody Butcher Tomato - Really, any tomatoes! But these are amazing. Despite the name, they're beautiful and enormous. Honestly, we had some the size of tennis balls last year. A great choice for areas with short growing seasons. 
  6. Tom Thumb Peas - Okay, so these are awesome because they do great in small containers. Like a pot on a sunny counter! 
  7. Lolla Rossa Lettuce - Have you heard of cut-and-come again lettuce? It's just as it sounds. A lettuce that you cut a little, and let it keep growing until you need to clip more. There are several varieties, but Lolla is gorgeous and has been reliable for us. 
  8. Zinnias - I really love flowers, and starting them indoors can give you a jump start on spring color. Zinnias make great companion flowers for your garden, helping to keep away harmful pests and predators from fruits and vegetables.