Brave Moms, Brave Kids - A Book Review

All of life is relevant in training our children - walks along the road, when they lie down, as you sit together at home. All of life is relevant in training them to walk with God.
— Lee Nienhuis, Author of Brave Moms, Brave Kids

A New Book

by Author Lee Nienhuis

There were many things I was told I would need to do, going into motherhood: rest while I still could, take the required course at the hospital, develop a birth plan, ready the diapers, make meals in advance, and be ready for all of life to change. 

A word I never heard: brave. I look back on the journey we've been on this far, nearly eight years into parenting and a life left to go, and think of the things we've faced. We've been, at times, unexpectedly financially insecure. We've seen risky surgeries, broken limbs, scared hearts, and all of the unknowns of adoption. Through it all, as much as for ourselves as for the children, we have needed to be brave. Kind, encouraging, gentle, prayerful - I think there are a thousand words for brave that don't mean stronger-than or bigger-than. The type of brave Lee calls us to in her book is the kind only found when we establish ourselves in a deep trust of God, His promises through it all, and our job to model this for our children. 

Her book is one that reminds us of the core values and responsibilities of mothers made in the image of Christ. Our prayers matter. Our example is a cornerstone in our child's spiritual development. Our voice can echo our God's, and set within their hearts a living faith that will take them wherever God might call. Not in fear, but in the freedom of faith. 

With the greatest care, she closes each chapter in loving prayer for her reader. Here is a prayer that spoke to me, "I trust...that whatever may come, you will prepare my children for it...You are good, and I trust you to yield fruit in my children."

Her book is available for pre-order, and is a great book for you if you need encouragement and practical, scripture based tools for being a mom marked my holy bravery. 

Available for pre-order now. Book release- February 1, 2018 with Harvest House Publishers

In accordance with regulations I must note that I received a copy of Brave Moms, Brave Kids for free in exchange for my review and participation.