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A farmer's currency

When you're this close to the ground, you can focus on one of two things. That, back sore and knees dirty, the work seems endless and hard. Or, that only on you knees, hands dedicated between plants, can you notice the first things sprouting. The first flowers of fruit. The first fruition of efforts. It is a position of privileged first noticing. The first witness to growth. To life. 

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Laugh at Me

I'm a mother of seven, and with my whole heart, I will unfalteringly be a mother to more if I get the chance. I will love and pastor my church with all that's within me. I will dream with God about a farm that makes space for everyone, and with my family, we will build that brick-by-brick. I don't know what good things God has been whispering to you, but I believe in them with all of me.

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