Holy Hustle - Book Review

Balance. It’s what we long for in our lives as the world yells, “Work harder!” and the church demands, “Stop and rest.” What if God’s plan for us isn’t just one way or the other?

Enter the holy hustle.
— Crystal Stine, Author of Holy Hustle

I'll be honest. Even reading the word 'hustle' brings up feelings of stress, endless to-do lists, and a tightening in my shoulders. I used to use the word proudly, but then found it caused a certain discomfort. Hustle felt hard. Hustle felt frantic and feverish. Hustle felt...unholy. 

When I first saw the title of Crystal's book, I felt hope shifting in me. As I opened the very first pages, I was greeted by a beautiful call to the redemption of the word hustle. A redemption that asks us to consider what it means to value hard work in a way that honors God. To give ourselves completely to the things God has set before us, not by striving, but by submitting our own agendas and fears to God's desires for the work in our life. 

Why do we work? 

Crystal invites us into a journey, and her beautiful book creates physical journal space for us to process and uncover God's holy design for a work hard - rest well life. Rather than days that end with guilt or shame, we learn how to embrace work well. And rest in a way that refuels us. By caring four our hearts and souls, we can find life in the work we do. 

This is a book of a redeemed way to work. A hustle that produces good fruit. I invite you on the journey to holy hustling - it's a complete paradigm shifter.