Winter Wreath Workshop


If you would have told me that we'd be hosting a workshop at the farm only 3 1/2 months after moving in, I wouldn't have believed it. Okay, I probably would believe it because that's how we do life. When an opportunity presents itself to create invitational space and welcome people into my home - sign me up! That is nearly the biggest part of why we bought this land - and I can't wait to share the upcoming events in store for 2018.  


Truthfully, it's been a stretching two years of learning how to say 'no' to a lot of busy things of life so that I can say yes to more events like these. We've had to press pause and find ourselves. I've passed on other opportunities, sold a business, quit another. The path leading us hear has been the clear voice within saying - create a space where people are welcome. Make room for slow and then share it with others. I deeply believe in the good work that is done when we spend time with one another. I believe that everyone has value, deserves to feel welcome, and has a place around my table. So, cue our first farm event: The Winter Wreath Workshop. 


Meet the artist...

Amber was our event instructor. Isn't she adorable? In person she's even more so - kind, honest, generous and warm. She is the sole owner of local floral business, Ediflorial. I love her commitment to local farmers, her drive for sustainability and ethically sourced goods, and her care for people.

We've shared an instant connection over all things farm, and in a whole thread of excited texts (while I drove around picking up orchard trees) we decided to partner for this event. She was a gem and I loved seeing the heart she put into the creation of the workshop. 

While our farm was the backdrop for this event, in the forefront of my mind are the little details that went into making this a warm space for creating. I'm so thankful to my husband. He was up with me every minute, moving tables, building signs, hand carving little place card holders...he's the best life/farm partner ever. My kids spent the previous day helping us clean and make snacks. This event became an unexpected way to invite them into the art of making people feel welcome. How can we share our home? How can we help people feel valued and seen, here? Marci {homemade cracker-baking, cheese and carmelized onion crafting genius} provided gorgeous treats to accompany the hot-cocoa bar.

How fortunate I am to have these people journeying along side all of the adventures! A big thanks to the whole team. Which includes the chickens, who foraged in the front yard as a way of saying hello, and bawk-ed from the front porch while we crafted. 

I can only hope the day was as filling and fun for our guests as it was for myself. As the day began winding down, I overheard several women mention doing this again next year. I have to admit: this was a gift that took me by surprise. I hadn't even put any serious thought into next winter! I had a hope that this could be the first of more events, but I couldn't have been more thrilled to know that this space will be a place of returning. Next winter, it will be a circled date on the calendar - where familiar faces and new faces will once again fill this home with sticky evergreen sap, the smell of eucalyptus, and the beauty of togetherness. I love that. 


Please check out Ediflorial and MPosisblyGood on Instagram and Facebook - their floristry and food were highlights of the day. 

To stay in touch and be notified about upcoming Abundance Farm events, click the 'let's connect' button below the comments section. It would be so wonderful to have you here. If you're a teacher/artist/dreamer and you'd like to host an event here please send me an email - I'd love to make it happen. 

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